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Design of production lines

Round-the-clock equipment operation allows getting better results from your production. One of the most successful activities of INDEXPROM is designing production lines, which allows to significantly increase the degree of efficiency in a factory. Fundamental solutions of international level developed by our engineers and designers will ensure trouble-free interaction between all production line elements.

Consistency in everything

Smart engineering of production lines will increase profitability and marketability of your enterprise. Taking into account innovations in the area of production processes, INDEXPROM will:

• increase equipment performance;
• improve the life-cycle of output products;
• increase the flexibility of specific solutions relating to the use of new technologies;
• allow performing timely modernization in any production stages.

Full operating cycle

Design of production lines is performed at separate sites and in the shops. All works – from preparing technical design specification to drawing equipment summary note is performed by INDEXPROM. With that we ensure further support of all the production components by performing a multi-level control over their condition. All parts required for your operation are timely delivered at your warehouse, which prevents equipment downtime in case of failure and allows to repair it in the shortest possible time.

Expansion of production at the account of lines design

Design of production lines is a fairly affordable and effective means to reduce expenses by increasing amount of output products and improving their quality. That’s why we offer full package of services: selection of equipment, installation and service, including warranty and post-warranty service across the entire production. Besides, we provide training and instructions to personnel in operating newly installed equipment; give recommendations on how to adjust the equipment with the account for the factory’s specific needs.