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Automation of production processes in any enterprise increases the output of the equipment in operation, both in quality and quantity terms. By letting INDEXPROM to put these processes right in your production facility, you’ll quickly leave your competitors behind – not only due to the higher quality of your product, but also due to the possibility of reducing its price.

Production processes automation is a key to success

Thus the progressive development of your enterprise depends directly on implementing modern technologies by INDEXPROM. Factory automation system will provide you with the range of advantages in the short term. It will:

• increase production performance;
• decrease your product cost;
• save labour resources;
• decrease reject rate and accident rate at production site;
• create effective systems of control over production quality;
• increase profit;
• attract new clients due to products of higher quality.

We’ll share our knowledge with you, will teach and instruct you

Implementation of new technologies requires training for your personnel. Instead of doing monotonous and routine work, they will have to solve more complex and challenging tasks. INDEXPROM will provide training to personnel on how to bring equipment in operation at your site. Our professionals will provide you with a number of recommendations on production technology and on how to adjust equipment to your production needs. We also provide support of equipment after its installation. We provide warranty service and further modernization of equipment.

One solution for a many years’ period

Owner of any company operating in any industry is interested in implementing a strong and profitable structure. Comprehensive automation of a factory controls the whole production process, thus creating a perfect management system. Having turned to INDEXPROM only once, you’ll reduce operating costs and increase your production effectiveness once and for all.