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Spare parts designing

Any equipment used in any industry (power, oil and gas, railroad, aviation etc.) requires repair or replacement of worn-out parts after a certain period of operation. It’s not always possible to find a necessary part. The reasons for that may be different: for example, equipment is discontinued, wear parts are no longer produced, or the part is available at the manufacturers’ warehouse, but the delivery would take too long, and the replacement needs to be done as soon as possible. INDEXPROM will easily solve your problem. Design department of our company effectively reproduces parts for any machinery to the customers’ drawings.

Our design department guarantees:

1. Accuracy in calculations.

Design is a very important and critical stage in the spare part production. Experienced engineering designers of INDEXPROM will develop drawings of any complexity to the customers’ requirements in compliance with all technical standards. In fact, correct and accurate calculations are needed to make a quality product. For example, strength and power load, as well as other technical parameters need to be estimated. Each detail is designed for specific metal or alloy. It can be brass, aluminium, steel, titanium and other materials. There are strict technical standards for each metal, on how to use it in different types of equipment.

2. Capability of designing parts of any complexity.

Developing drawings to the customer’s sketches is a very common service in any company producing metal parts. INDEXPROM has a vast experience in this area. Advanced technology allow our designers developing most difficult spare parts, which require several stages of processing. We can make a drawing to your measurements or make an exact duplicate to an old broken part. Our production equipment guarantees accuracy and reliability of each designed part.

Our guarantees

INDEXPROM specialists will make a drawing for any part to your sample or according to specified parameters. Each drawing is supported with an adequate technical documentation for the spare part. Production of spare parts requires accurate compliance with manufacturing standards. Violations in technology results in violations of the whole machine operation. We guarantee accuracy and flawless quality of each product designed and manufactured by us.